Your Camera & Your Life is a 8 week, online beginner's photography workshop.  It's designed for anyone with a DSLR.  You don't have to know anything at all to get started.

The entire workshop will be done online.  Each week, I'll send you a PDF lesson.  Then, we'll meet in the dedicated Facebook group where we can connect, encourage, and ask a lot of questions. Along with the lessons, I'll include some videos and other resources to help everything click for you.  I'll also assign homework and give feedback on each and every submission.

What will we cover???  Some of the topics include:

  • Three easy tips to improve any photo
  • Shutter speed, aperture, and ISO
  • The exposure triangle
  • Rules of composition
  • Subject cooperation
  • Light!!
  • Getting the photos off your computer and into your life

The workshop is taught by me, Andrea Katolin.  I'm not a professional photographer.  I just like taking photos of my family and my life.  I bet you're a lot like me.

You'll see not all the photos on this site are technically perfect. (Perhaps none are!)  But, I get such joy from taking a photo that captures my life.  It helps me see my life differently, with greater gratitude, and helps my pea brain remember these moments I would otherwise forget.  


A bit more about me...

I'm a wife, a mama, and a photographer.

I have three awesome kids.  I love being a mom and I'm so lucky to be able to stay home with them.  But as any mom knows, it's easy to go through a day without much intellectual stimulation or creativity.  Photography solves that problem for me.

As a kid, my mom made quilts.  I saw what quilting brought into her life: creativity, friends, a sense of accomplishment.  I knew I wanted to create in my own way.  And one day when my oldest was just a baby, I felt divinely inspired to head to the camera shop.  I bought my first DSLR and I've been in love with taking photos and learning about photography ever since.  

I recently decided to use my love of photography, learning, and teaching to make a photography workshop for beginners.  I love sharing both knowledge and the feeling that comes with trying something hard and learning something new. 

I love chatting over coffee with friends and getting up early to drink my coffee alone.  I'm married to both the kindest and funniest man I know.  I'm an extrovert but you might not be able to tell when we first meet.  I wish I both cleaned my house and read books more.