Where is your camera? (And why it matters)

Where's your camera?

It is an important question and I will tell you why.

The other night, I was giving Sam a bath.  Normal stuff.  

But then Dennis came home from work and decided to jump in the bath.  With all his clothes on.

This was a photo worthy moment for sure!  I could have grabbed my phone to snap this shot.  But, I knew my phone couldn't handle the low light and weirdo color temperature of the bathroom lights.  

So I grabbed my DSLR.  

This photo makes me happy!  I shared it on FB that night, and the next day at work, several of Dennis's friends came up to him and said, "Dude, I saw you took a bath with your clothes on last night!"  Ha!  That makes me happy too.

What's the point of all this?  You need to be able to grab your camera at a moment's notice! Your camera needs to be ready to go so that when these crazy beautiful moments happen, you can capture them.

My DSLR hangs on a hook in my kitchen.  I consider it perfectly secure, out of the reach of little two year olds.  (My husband on the other hand is scared to death that it will fall to its doom but I promise it's totally fine). I'm in the kitchen all the time so it's easy for me to grab.  I have my favorite lens on my camera.  I even think about the settings I might need when shooting indoors (higher ISO, lower aperture).  

You might not want to hang your camera on a hook on the kitchen wall, but you definitely DON'T want it hiding on the top shelf of your closet.  When your crazy beautiful moments happen, you want to be able to grab that camera and capture them.

The goal for today: find a safe spot for your DSLR.  Get it ready.  And then next time you come across a Kodak worthy moment, capture it.

Have a  very Merry Christmas!