Why 365(ish)? And this week's collection.

If you've followed any kind of photography groups or forums before, you've probably seen mention of personal projects called "365" every late December.

It is a simple premise.  The idea is to take a photo every single day for an entire year.  I have seen photographers claim again and again that this project was life changing and they learned like crazy (plus it is a fun way to record a year).

But for some reason, I could never jump on board.  I found the idea stressful, full of pressure, really no fun at all.  

Only in the past few weeks have I understood why.  I read a new book called Better Than Before. It's all about habit formation and the author explains there are four types of people when it comes to forming habits and fulfilling roles.  I discovered I'm an obliger, the type of person who likes rules, both external and the ones we make for ourselves.  I'm such a rule nerd.  This type resonated with me immediately!

And I realized that with a 365 project, there was a rule I would need to follow each and every day.  What if I missed a day?!  A year long project would be ruined.  So instead of breaking the rules, I changed the rules, creating my 365(ish), where I am required to take a photo most days, but there's also the rule in place to miss some days too.

And now on April 14, I have 97 photos in my collection.  Short a bit of the 105 I would have by now.  But, I'm still on track following the rule I made.

And I can say, it has been BIG for me.  Taking a photo most days has become a habit for me now.  I like it.  I'm learning a lot.  Some days it comes easy.  Other days not so much.

At this point in April, I am getting tired of the same kind of stuff, my kids, in our house.  So I am in the process of trying to come up with some ways to make our daily more interesting, more creative.  Hopefully I'll share more of this soon.  

I'll continue to post my 365(ish) photos here on a less than consistent basis.  I've gathered a collection here. 

Having friends join me has been huge.  My friend Kelly has done it too and made some beautiful stuff!  Another friend Rebecca just joined last week. 

Want to join?  Part of the 365(ish) means few rules, or what ever rules you want to make!  April is a great time to start.