A bad morning (and how my camera pulled me through)

Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling a bit like this….

Looking back, the reasons seem kind of insignificant.  I guess I was mostly upset because my plans for the day had changed.  Elyse said her tummy hurt, so she was staying home.  Sam had also had a slight fever the day before.  All of this meant I wouldn't be able to go to my Zumba class or have a little alone time during the girls-in-school+Sam's nap in the afternoon.  Small bananas but I was throwing myself a pretty good internal pity party.

Fortunately, I remembered this day back in January.  It was our 809th snow day.  I was just tired of being stuck in the house.  But for some reason, I decided to document the day with my camera and it made the day exponentially better.  

So last Wednesday, I decided to document our day with my camera.  I'll say it helped.  My attitude changed.  I (mostly) enjoyed our morning together. 

I'm not sure what it is.  Maybe my camera gives me a sense of control amongst the chaos.  Perhaps it distracts my brain from the "poor me" thoughts.  It could be that I'm forced to look for the good and beauty in our day.  But I'm thankful.

Here's a few of the photos I captured from our morning together.  I plopped them in front of the TV for a bit (notice the "Choose Happy" sign…I was trying really hard!)  Then the girls started fighting so I sent them to each do their own activity.  We spent a trying 15 minutes at the collision repair shop getting an estimate to fix the little scratch I *may* have created by bumping into a concrete pole.  (They said $1500…no way!)  And then we gave Stan the Van a good bath at the carwash.  


How do you overcome a bad attitude on those kind of days?