I've always answered the "what do you like to do question" with "I love to read." even though the truth was I'd rather plop myself in front of the TV watching something on HGTV (reading just sounds better!)

But something has changed this year.  Maybe it's because we're getting old or maybe it's because Dennis works in a place now where people read all the time.  It could be my book club or friends who have passed on some really great reads.  Whatever the case, Dennis and I both have been reading like crazy lately.  (Dennis has always been a collector…when we were first married, it was DVDs.  Then it shifted to comic books and video games.  But lately, I keep finding new books in the mail!)

I want to share some of my favorites. (I initially tried to describe each of these but then it just became awkward and I know you can read the summary on Amazon if you want.)

Have any book recommendations?