365(ish) Summer Fun

The month of June  flew by.  I knew it would.  We finished school, the girls and I met my mom in Boston, the five of us took a little trip to the Beach.  Lots of fun and opportunities to pull out the camera (In fact, I missed lots of days in here but there were several really awesome days when it was hard to pick just one!)

On Monday, Dennis is back at work, all three kids are at home with me, and, in addition to summer craziness, I'm going to be teaching online again (along with preparing for the awesomeness that will be our September workshop).  

I have some amazing plans to get the girls to do lots of chores, read and write, give me some peace, along with some fun exploration and time with friends around here.  We'll see how July plays out!

Until then, here are a few of my favorites from the past few weeks...