A Trip to the Island

I forget how much I like just being out in nature with my family until we go.  A few weekends ago, we took a little trip out to Government Island.  I guess you would call it a park, but basically there's a trail across some water and out into the woods.  There's a little history there too, because George Washington himself actually commissioned some of the rock from Government Island to build up his new capital in Washington D.C.  

It was our first hike of the year and Sam's first ever…last year we still carried him on our backs. 

The girls didn't really want to go.  Before we left, I heard Elyse talking to herself in her room, "I hate hikes.  I hate tics.  I hate mosquitos.  I don't want to go on a hike…"  But her tune quickly changed once we got out there, she was able to stick her feet in some water and explore the rock used to build some famous buildings.  

Sam led the way, running just about the whole time, only stopping to pet dogs.  "Woof?  Hi?" he would say.  Basically, "Can I go say hi to that dog?"