On Being Awesome(ish)

Back in June when summer was just starting, I was gearing myself up for all the fun (read chaos) of summer.  Three little kids at home all the time, my online job that was just starting up again, Dennis working long hours, along with writing for this new workshop I'm creating. 

I knew life would be crazy, and decided I would just combat the crazy by being awesome.  I decided, for every decision in my day, I would ask myself, "What would an awesome person do?"

And I would be that awesome person.  

Being awesome meant:

I had a spinach salad for lunch everyday.  My kids only got a half hour of screen time daily. We didn't have any sugar.  They had a list of chores to do and I followed through.  I didn't check facebook a million times a day.  I got up super early to get work done.  I budgeted and baked and cooked dinner each night.  I.was.awesome.

But you know what else?  I was exhausted. Being awesome was exhausting, draining, no fun at all. At the end of the day, I was spent, there was nothing left for me, nothing left for Dennis.  I was grumpy, unhappy, just not the person I wanted to be.

Luckily, it only took me a few days of awesomeness to know it wasn't for me.  This was the summer for awesome(ish).  And awesome(ish) is a lot more fun than awesome.  

I can indulge.  There are days when we all pile in front of the TV to watch Master Chef in our jammies.  We've had ice cream parties and movie afternoons and sometimes I sleep in.

There are still some chores, lots of veggies, work gets done, and screen time is limited.  To say I've lowered my standards sounds like I've given up or given in.  That's not the case.  I've just decided that good is better than perfect, at least for me.

How's your summer?  Are you awesome(ish) too?