Twas the night before the workshop


It's the night before my first photography workshop.  It's such a strange thing that this idea, something that lived just in my head, is moving out of my head and into the actual world.  It has become something I can share.  And I'm super excited to share. 

And beyond nervous.  Doubt and insecurity have both reared their ugly heads in this process.  I've worked really hard to keep them quiet.  It is always a struggle.  

So many people in my life have given me the necessary encouragement to make this happen.  I'm beyond thankful.  

I've also realized that ideas can become real because I've seen others make their own ideas real. When others "do their thing" I feel like I can do my thing too.  (One reason I love talking to other creatives in my inspirational artists series). 

I've taken lots of images the past few weeks that look like the one above, demonstrating things like depth of field and aperture.  This book was sitting on my side table, and I opened it up to this page to grab some aperture/depth of field photos.  It's called Daring Greatly  by Brene Brown.  Have you seen her TED talk?  If not, run to your nearest computer and find it.  Anyone wanting to try something new, to step out of their box, should check out Brene.  

Workshop in the morning.  Wish me luck.