I'm Doing a 365...Want to Join Me?


What is a 365? (or as a friend pointed out, this year could be a 366!)

The goal in a project 365 is to take a photo each and every day in a year.  Simple as that.  There are lots of pluses to a project like this.  The two big ones are:

  • An awesome record of your year.  Because you'll be taking a photo everyday, you'll be able to record the crazy, awesome, beautiful moments of your life.  And you'll probably record lots of moments you'd forget otherwise. 
  • You'll get SO MUCH practice taking photos which means you'll get so much better at taking those photos.  We all know that consistent practice at anything makes us better! I've read stories of many photographers who owe their skills to a project like this.

I've attempted a 365 in the past but usually didn't make it past the end of January.  I'd forget a day and feel like a failure and just quit.  

Last year I decided to make it a 365(ish).  The "ish" gave me some wiggle room, some space to forget a day and STILL be successful.  

Here's my collection of photos from 2015 (soon to be updated).  It's fun to look back at these moments.

Are you in?!?  

If so, here are my tips to get started:

  • Which camera?  Do you want to use your DSLR or maybe a mix of phone and fancy camera photos?  My plan is to use my DSLR for two reasons.  a.  I want to improve my skills and I know practice will make me better.  b.  I never have enough memory on my phone to take photos of anything! 
  • How will you share?  I'm creating a Facebook group for us to support and encourage each other.  Do you want to share there?  How often?  I'm hoping to share lots of my photos on Instagram.  It will be an easy way to put them all together in a book like these. (If you do post on Instagram, use hashtag #YCYL365).  Maybe you don't what to share, and the photos will be just for you.  Where will you keep them and how will they be organized?
  • Keep your camera ready to go.  I wrote in the last newsletter about keeping my camera handy. This won't work if you can't find your camera. 
  • Do it early in the day.  One of my failures last year was remembering at bedtime.  Maybe you can set an alert on your phone for the first month or so.  Set an alarm for 5 pm to remind you to take your photo for the day.
  • Share your photos with family and friends.  We'll all admit it feels great to get happy likes and comments on Facebook when we post photos.  It will help encourage you and keep you going. 
  • Let go of perfection.  Some days you'll get a photo you just love.  Other days you won't.  No big deal.  Keep going and know you are going to just get better at this.

Are you in???  If so, join this Facebook group.

Oh, and go take a photo today!