Project 366(ish) Week 1

So far I've been PERFECT with this 366(ish).  Not one day missed (yes, I realize it's only been a week, but still).  Yesterday was almost forgotten but l I remembered right before bedtime and captured the book I've been reading.  Not the most exciting photo but it counts!

The thing I'm MOST excited about this week has been the 366(ish) group on FB.  I have been SO impressed by both the photos and the consistency of posting.  In just one week, the group has posted 122 photos (and counting!) It's been really fun and everyone has been so encouraging.  The group is open to ANYONE so if you want to join, please do!

Here are my photos 1-7.  You'll see there aren't any of my 8 year old (except in the group shot), mainly because she's been asking me not to take her photo.  I'm trying to respect her wishes but hoping I can change her mind soon.

And if you need a bit more inspiration to get a 366 going, check out this video.