My Favorites...The End of Winter

Are you done with winter too???

My kids keep getting sick.  I'm in a photo rut.  Today is another snow day.  

Spring, I can't wait to see you!

Here are a few of my favorite things that have helped make winter a little more bearable. 

1. Podcasts.  I'm obsessed.  I use an app called "Stitcher" to listen. Anytime I have to do some random chore around the house I put in my earbuds, and escape with some intelligent conversation. My favorites are Sorta Awesome, Happier, Freakonomics, This American Life, Invisibilia, Start Up (listen to the first season), Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, and The Moth.  There are so many great podcasts.  Do you have a favorite?

2.  GoNoodle.  This website was developed for teachers to use in the classroom and get the kids moving.  Yesterday, we turned on a Go Noodle "indoor recess" video on YouTube.  These monkeys loved it.  

3.  Yoga with Adriene.  I want to do more Yoga but I don't know many moves beyond downward dog.  This YouTube channel has many, many Yoga videos.  And Adriene is cool.  She's got the Zen of a yogi with a little bit of snark to keep it interesting.

4.  This Buffalo Chicken Casserole is my new favorite recipe.  It uses spaghetti squash, has lots of veggies mixed in, and is super comforting and yummy.  My kids will eat it (while admitting it's not their favorite).  I do use less hot sauce than the recipe calls for.  Dennis and I are big fans.

5.  Books and blankies.  A few weeks ago, a homeschooling friend of mine posted about this idea on Facebook.  It's simple: everyone in the house grabs a book and a blanket and quietly reads.  I had tried this in the past but called it "Quiet Reading Time."  No wonder my kiddos were never interested.  Now, Sam, my two-year-old, is the first to ask for books and blankies in the afternoon.  We all read and it makes me very happy!

How about you?  What are your favorites to survive this last bit of winter?