What is chimping? (And why it's the best thing you can do to improve your photography!)


What if every time you made a mistake you could fix it right away???  That would be AMAZING, right??

Guess what...in photography it is possible!

We can use "chimping" to fix our mistakes.  

What is chimping?  It simply means looking at the photo you just took on the back of your camera.  

Chimping was impossible before digital photography.  In order to see our photos, we had to take and develop an entire roll of film.  That meant if we screwed up a photo, there's no way we could go back and redo it  Did you get exposure wrong on your beach vacation??  Too bad.  Did the bride blink as you took her wedding portrait?  Oh well.  

But today, that doesn't have to happen.  As I take photos, I'm constantly checking the back of my camera to make sure I got the shot I wanted.  If my photo is overexposed or underexposed, I can fix it.  If there's a big distracting thing in the background, I can move and retake the photo.  If there's a tree growing out of my son's head, I can change my angle a bit and fix it.  


Among professional photographers, chimping is used in a negative way.  We truly don't want a professional to NEED to check for mistakes all day long.  The hope is that he or she is good enough to just do it right.  

But guess what?!  I'm not a professional.  And I make mistakes all the time.  

So, as you take your photos this week, be sure to chimp.  Critically look at that photo on the back of your camera and think, "Is that the photo I want to take?  Is there anything I can improve?"  And improve it right then and there.  

Sure, there are lots of times I get to my computer and realize I missed something.  But with chimping, I'm much more likely to get it right the first time around. 


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