We Took a Road Trip!

We took a road trip (and perhaps road trip is an understatement).  As is our pattern, we moved this summer from one side of our beautiful country (California) to the other (Virginia).  We've bounced back and forth quite a bit in this 16-year span of a military career.

In the past, we've pressed the easy button.  Dennis drove that long drive AND received and unpacked most of the many boxes that come with a move.  The kids and I spent some time at the vacation spot known as my parents' house and then flew out to join my hard working hubby once the rough parts of the move were finished.

But this move we made a different choice.  We decided to brave the car and traverse across our beautiful country together.  We left California and spent time in Las Vegas, Colorado, Lawrence, KS, St. Louis, and Ohio.  And to be real, we LOVED IT!  The kids behaved wonderfully.  Our country is beautiful!  We know some pretty amazing people.  

It actually made Dennis and I both excited about more road trips.  Hopefully we'll make it happen.  


Here's the last day in our California house.  A few of us shed a few tears on the way out the door.