Fall Workshop

This 8-week long, online photography workshop starts September 4.

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Your Camera & Your Life is an 8 week, online, photography workshop designed to help to complete newbie use her DSLR to take amazing photos.  By the end of the workshop, you will know how to shoot in manual, apply the rules of composition, use light inside and out to your advantage, and maybe even to get those kids of yours to cooperate for a photo.  

The workshop runs several times a year (dates below).

I want to help you use your fancy camera to its potential!

You bought that fancy camera for a reason.  


  • You want a hobby, and photography sounds like a fun one.
  • You want better photos than what your phone gives you (if only you knew how!).
  • You possess a desire to be creative.
  • You want to learn something new, to expand and challenge your brain.
  • You feel lost in the sea of your crazy life and you want something that can be yours.
  • Your memory stinks and you want some way to hold onto these moments.

Or maybe you simply bought that fancy camera because you want to make beautiful photos of your crazy, beautiful life.

Whatever your reason, you know that fancy camera of yours can do MORE.  I want to help you and that camera of yours achieve that MORE. (And let me tell you, beautiful photos aren't just about fancy cameras...but we'll get to that.)  


Student Work


What you get:

  • Weekly PDF lessons delivered to your inbox.  
  • A dedicated Facebook group where you can encourage, connect, and ask lots of questions!
  • Homework assignments and feedback on each homework submission
  • Bonus lessons and videos

Lesson topics include:

  1. Changing your focal point and my three big tips
  2. Depth of field and Aperture
  3. Shutter speed and ISO
  4. The exposure triangle and manual mode
  5. Light
  6. Rules of composition
  7. Tips and tricks
  8. Getting your photos off you computer and into your life.

Who Am I?

My name is Andrea and I am NOT a professional photographer (sorry, I won't take portraits of your family...but I can help YOU make beautiful photos).  

I'm probably a lot like you.  I'm a wife, mother, daughter, friend.  And I love to take photos of this crazy life of mine.

I bought my first fancy-pants camera when my oldest daughter was just a baby.  I was lost in the sea of new motherhood and I knew I needed something creative to pull me out of the gutter.  My camera was a bit of a saving grace for me.  It allowed me to use my brain, to be creative, to try something new, all while capturing life as I went.

I love my camera.  It's my creative tool.  It's my brain when my own memory stinks.  It pushes me to try hard things.  And it allows me to capture my LIFE (something I love even more than my camera).



What Past Students Think

Fall Session starts September 4!


The cost of the workshop is just $85!  Compare this to other beginning photography workshops around the web and you'll see, this is a deal!  I hope you join us.

Fall Workshop

This 8-week long, online photography workshop starts September 4.

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